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We complement this Wide selection of material with offering for all your water and Waste Water treatment requirements.

We offer complete municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems through our partners in Europe and air purification solutions for municipal and industrial application.

It is our pleasure in continuing to serve in high standard for our customer service and achieving an excellent track record on customer satisfaction.

M Water offering Products includes a wide range of quality Equipment’s of Water & Waste Water treatment components such as Followings :

Fluiteco S.r.l – Italy : Mechanical Screens & Head Works Equipment’s

Please link it to this Website , www.fluiteco.com

Friulana S.r.l – Italy : Scrapers for Grit & Grease Removal , Clarifiers & Sludge Thickeners

Please link it to this Website , www.friulanacostruzioni.it

Alfa Water S.r.l – Italy : Self-Cleaning Filters for Municipal & Industrial Applications

Please link it to this Website, www.alfawater.it

Teknofanghi S.r.l – Italy Sludge Dewatering – Belt Press

Please link it to this Website,  www.teknofanghi.com